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Mineral exploration can be a golden investment opportunity worth taking a closer look at. It is the process of finding a viable ore body, or concentrations of minerals. This differs from mineral prospecting due to its greater intensity and more extensive nature. The process of mineral exploration can be divided into several stages, depending on the size of the region being explored, the desired outcome, and the specific minerals being sought. Mineral exploration is largely influenced by the region that is chosen for the project as well as the available resources.

Toron Inc. prides itself on being a new mineral exploration company focusing its attention on projects involving gold and other valuable metals. It is based in Quebec, one of Canada’s richest mining provinces. This Nevada Company incorporated its wholly owned subsidiary – Toron Resources Inc., which was formed for the sole purpose of exploring mining projects in Canada, and specifically, in Quebec.

In 2008, the Fraser Institute ranked Quebec the number one jurisdiction among the top 68 in the world for mining investment, due mainly for its favorable mining policies and mineral potential. As Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest said about the region, “It is one of the world’s last virgin territories. It’s also a fragile territory and a territory of great richness…” This area is rich in rare earth minerals and various mineral deposits such as gold, nickel, cobalt, and platinum. BBC News reports that “Northern Quebec has incomparable mining potential,” as summed up by Sege Simard, natural resources minister. Mineral exploration in the Quebec region has huge potential, as the hunger for raw materials leads to company investments in the projects.

The first and most vital step in mineral exploration is exploring a region in order to find out whether the area is mineral rich through a theory known as ore genesis. This theory supports knowledge of ore and its occurrences, and helps in selecting the area with the most ore deposits. It is also crucial to determine what is to be explored. The exploration of gold differs from that of other metals in two profound ways: first in the selection criteria for the area to be explored and second in the exploration techniques used. An area prosperous in gold doesn’t necessarily have to prosper in other metals.

This is why mineral exploration isn’t something the average Joe or Jane can do, and this is when companies, like Toron Inc., come into play. Toron Inc. concentrates mainly on valuable metals such as gold. The company’s first acquisition is the Tiblemont Gold Property, located in the south eastern part of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt – the largest greenstone belt of Canada’s Superior Province, well known for its important volcanogenic massive sulfides and orogenic lode gold deposits. These properties are made up of 255 claims that are 33,984 acres in size, and lies mainly in the Tiblemont and Senneterre townships, with a few claims in the Pascalis and Courville townships In addition  Toron has contracted to purchase an additional 140 claims that are 19,563 acres in size . These are located in the same area of the Tiblemont and Senneterre townships. More info can be found in the Projects section. The Company has currently closed the acquistion of  255 claims, and has the remaining 140 under contract with a total of 395 claims that are 21,677 hectares or 53,543 acres in size.

Besides focusing on the exploration of rich minerals, Toron Inc. is also in the midst of building a new strong management team, fixated on leading the company forward. The company hopes to make a name for itself in the near future and to be recognized as a valuable mineral exploration company.

Toron Inc. is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and will strive to build shareholder value rapidly. Its quarterly reports and financial information can be found in the Investor Info section.

Welcome to the website devoted to Toron Inc. Our goal is to exploit this Gold Property located in one of Canada’s finest areas, rich in precious metals just waiting to be discovered and once it is it will propel our company to new heights.


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